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$99 Design, Delivery, and Layout - All in 1 Visit

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Step 1

Book your $99 appointment by going to or call

(978) 422-0071.

Then, send pictures of your yard, your contact information, and any concerns or preferences you may have to

If needed, a member of our design team will reach out to you prior to the appointment to better understand your needs and to make sure the right plants are selected to thrive in their new home!

Step 2

Our designers will pick a selection of flowers, shrubs, and trees from our garden center that will compliment your yard and suit your individual needs.

Then, they will fill the truck and bring all of the plants to your house.

Once they arrive at your house, all of the plants will be laid out in the exact spots that they should be planted. 

 The designer will then explain each plant, when they will flower, how big they will grow, and why it was chosen.

Step 3

Once the design is complete and you're happy with the selections, the plants stay right where they are!

You can request that our planting crew return and plant them for you at an additional cost, or you can choose to install the plants yourself.

Either way, all of your trees and shrubs come with a 3 year guarantee!

Landscape Design

Yes, you read that right! $99 for landscape design.

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“You should be proud of the job that Nick and the team did here, they accomplished it with swiftness and confidence. Answered my questions with absolute assurance, explaining what I didn’t understand, very polite and knowledgeable.”

—  Robyn L.

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