Pond Store

Sterling Greenery provides the best in pond building supplies, fish, and plants for both homeowners and contractors. Our store sells everything you need to build a water feature or koi pond yourself.

You can also schedule a free estimate from one of our designers and have our installation crew build it for you.


Sterling Greenery is home to one of the largest pond stores in New England!

  • Hardy koi, catfish, comets & shubunkins

  • Aquascape & Pondbuilder kits, filters & pumps

  • Seasonal care & treatments to maintain your pond year-round

  • Fish food & treatments

  • Hardy & tropical aquatic plants & water lilies

  • Pond lighting, tubing, fittings, liner & repair kits

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Monday - Sunday: 8am - 6pm

March 21 - December 21

44 Redemption Rock Trail

Sterling MA 01564

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