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Pond Store

Sterling Greenery provides the best pond-building supplies, fish, and plants for both homeowners and contractors. Our store sells everything you need to design, build, and maintain a water feature or koi pond yourself.

You can also schedule a free estimate from one of our designers to have our installation crew build it for you.

Sterling Greenery sells Aquascape Pro products for building and maintaining koi ponds and water features

Sterling Greenery is home to one of the largest pond stores in New England!

  • Hardy koi, catfish, comets & shubunkins

  • Aquascape & Pondbuilder kits, filters & pumps

  • Seasonal care & treatments to maintain your pond year-round

  • Fish food & treatments

  • Hardy & tropical aquatic plants & water lilies

  • Pond lighting, tubing, fittings, liner & repair kits

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